Do And Don't

 Download PDF of town map to print

  • Do park for $5 cash per car 1 mile east of town on Rte. 50 at Mickey Gordon Park, and ride the free shuttle into Middleburg. Avoid the slow traffic delay into town, and the heavy traffic leaving town, by using our new parking area east of town.
  • Do park for $5 cash per car in town, on Pendleton Street North, in the Salamander Resort field.
  • Don't park anywhere on Rt. 50 east or west of town.
  • Do follow the traffic instructions on variable message boards along Rt. 50.
  • Do detour cautiously if you are passing through.
  • East to west, right/north onto Pinkney St., to Marshall St. left/west, to Reed St. left/south, back to Rt. 50 right/west
  • West to east, onto Reed St. left/north, to Marshall St. right/east, to Jay St. right/south, back to Rt. 50 left/east
  • Do bring your animals and clean up after them.
  • Don't let your pets off their leashes.
  • Do come early enough for Breakfast With Santa!
  • Don't leave early before the Wine Crawl.
  • Do say "Hello" in all the stores and shops.
  • Don't miss any offerings, so Follow the Foxes!